Monday, 6 November 2017

I Didn't Pass

Well I got back from my driving test and I failed. Again. Right now I'm drunk. Whee. Gonna try again in the new year. Not much else to say. Until Thursday!


  1. Sorry to hear it, man. There's always next time. Don't get yourself too down.

  2. Just to double-check: the drunk came *after* the test, right? (;
    Thank you though, for proving that ancient saying don't always hold true. Now that that's behind you, face forward and become the bold new you who will do another attempt whenever he's ready.

  3. I failed the initial test so many times I had to wait a year before I could even attempt it again.

    You'll get there. xo

  4. Sorry to hear that Mark, don't give up though. It must be a very tough test where you are.

  5. That's a real bummer, Mark. You shall prevail in the long run!

  6. Get drunk and forget about it for now. You'll get it.


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