Thursday, 12 October 2017

New Lessons

Well even though I never worked up the courage to ask my dad I still do have a driving lesson today. My instructor got in touch with me and let me know that he could book a lesson for me and it would use up the money on my account that gone towards my test lesson, so I agreed to let him do that. I think we may just do this going forward. If I can keep this up then I should be able to have regular lessons and pass my test this time. Also, after doing my finances, I noticed that September was a particularly lean month for me. I really felt the effects of going on holiday. It's not like working a regular job where I can book holiday days off and then come back as if nothing had changed. I'll see what October is like before making any further decisions about quitting lessons. I have told my dad about that at least and he's okay with the idea.

Unfortunately I'm not entirely sure when my lesson is. My instructor originally said three, but then he asked me to reschedule it to one. This morning he sent me his usual reminder and said it was for three. So I'm just waiting to see when he tells me that it's time to start my lesson. Hopefully this one goes better than the last one, in which I did pretty damn badly to be honest. The weather is good at least. Though if it turns sour by my test I may be able to use that to pass my test like my boss did. He drove a little too slowly himself at times, but the examiner let it slide because of the poor weather conditions.

For now I'm just going to do some work, because I have a good chunk of that to do. It's going to be a busy day to say the least.


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