Friday, 6 October 2017

Let's Have a Laugh

My depression is getting worse. I could use a good laugh. And I'm getting sick again. Yippee. 

This is a good son

Ahh Ancient Egyptian puns

That's basically all they've gotten from me too

Guess I'm not a real goth

The true reason the dinosaurs died

This is making the best of a bad situation 

I wish I had pizza coupons

I thought women appreciated honesty

Fuck you Windows 10
This is a very fun joke
Have a good weekend folks. Hopefully mine goes well.


  1. Sorry to hear you still have a dark cloud over you. Use some coupons to buy pizza and feel better.

  2. Goth tomatoes, oh my! I hope you get some fun this weekend, Mark.

  3. ahaha love that 789 joke hope you feel better Mark


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