Monday, 18 September 2017

Now I'm Sleeping Too Much

You might recall my earlier post about how I was sleeping an hour less and getting so much more done in a day. That was fun while it lasted, but now I appear to have the total opposite problem. For the past few days I've been unable to wake up at my alarm and am sleeping in by up to three hours. Nothing like really sleeping in to make you feel lazy.

It doesn't help that I've also been feeling a little sick. Most likely due to undersleeping and changes in the weather. Really the problem started when I was kept up late a few too many times and only got a couple of hours sleep each night. Maybe my body is just taking a little longer than usual to recover from that?

All I know for sure is that sleeping in too much sucks. Now I have even less time in the day to get stuff done, I'm missing out on things, and I just generally feel like crap for sleeping so much. I overslept a little less today. Maybe things are finally on the mend.


  1. Maybe just get back to your normal routine and regular sleep cycle obviously you need a certain amount of sleep.

  2. Sounds like your body is taking the time to recharge. If you can wane yourself off those long-ass sleeping times, then you should be good to go soon enough.

  3. I used to have this thing where I thought I'd accomplish more if I slept less. I was dead wrong. Went through what you're experiencing. Now I sleep about 8-9 hours per night, which sounds like a lot, but I'm fully charged all day long. I get a ton done, and never slow down. Proper sleep goes a looooong way.

  4. Don't underestimate the benefit of a good sleep. As soon as you've recharged you should return to a normal sleep pattern.

  5. The last week or so I have had many days when I have not wanted to wake up or get up but of course I dragged my body out of bed because staying in bed is not an option


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