Thursday, 28 September 2017

And She's Gone

So Jess went home yesterday, and I'm still kind of sick. It turns out that she thought she heard me telling my dad that she had to go home yesterday when she first got here. I never said that, but she had to go home anyway so we thought it would be good to stick to that. Last night was the first time I was alone in a while. I got a little weird. And heavily drunk. I should possibly be concerned about that. And the fact that I'm building up a dependence on alcohol because I'm drinking so much.

Yeah that sounds like something I should be concerned about.

What I'm actually concerned about right now is my ability to pass my driving test. I had a driving lesson yesterday that did not go so well. But I have to hurry up and book my test because everything changes in December. The entire test is being overhauled. Some things are being taken out and some things are being put in. So I should ideally pass the test by then. My instructor has also stopped taking payments in the car, which means that the cost of each lesson has increased. He was nice enough to charge less than the driving school he's contracted to if you purchase the lessons directly from him. Which is something I can no longer do. So I'm likely going to be taking less lessons as well between now and my inevitable test date.


I should really start taking my antidepressants and stop drinking.


  1. Mark, just keep taking the test till you pass, persevere and don't give up.

  2. Try not to get stressed. That stress is a killer and causes our addictions to manifest themselves.

  3. Do your best. You know what that means.


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