Thursday, 14 September 2017

A Big Day For All

So today is the day that I finally get back behind the wheel and have another driving lesson. It's been a little over a month since I failed my driving test. My instructor wanted me to book a new one in as soon as possible but it wasn't a viable option, so I decided to just spend September putting my money together for my holiday. When it was over, I didn't have quite enough for another lesson so it was put off for another week.

I still remember what went wrong during my test. I drove 30 MPH on a 70 MPH road, and I messed up the reverse parallel park. That's basically it. There were a few minor faults, but the examiner never went into what went wrong there. The basic plan is to get accustomed to being back behind the wheel today, spend a few weeks doing maneuvers, and then finally passing my test. All the men in my family took three attempts; so the third time should be the charm for me too.

Also happening today is my dad's birthday. I've already passed along my card and my present (a Leslie Nielsen movie collection) and tonight I'm planning on taking the big guy out for dinner. Given that I also have eight articles to write by 4 PM tomorrow, it's going to be a busy day as well as a big day. I'm hoping to just get as much done before I go on my lesson given that we'll be going out not long after I get back.

Assuming that I survive the experience, I'll see you tomorrow. I wonder what will kill me first; my driving lesson or working until about 10PM two days in a row.


  1. Happy birthday to your dad, and good luck with the driving lessons and you will pass!

  2. Happy birthday Mark's dad. Good look with the driving.


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