Thursday, 24 August 2017

Only You Can Prevent Bedroom Fires

Who's up for a tale of drunken stupidity? As the old saying goes, no good story begins with "I was having a salad when..."

So I did get to spend last weekend with Jess after all and we did indeed have a lot of fun. We talked about shit, watched junk on Netflix, and decided to have a barbecue. Normally we get pizza when she comes over, but we watched a show where the characters had a barbecue and decided to do that instead. The plan was simple; buy a disposable barbecue, buy some meat, and cook it all up.

This is basically what we had
It was then that we did the stupidest thing we've ever done. We lit it in my room.

For some reason I had the bright idea that we should have a barbecue in my room. I wasn't expecting things to get quite as smoky as they did. Needless to say the entire upstairs of my house was covered in smoke ten minutes later and there is now a permanent scorch mark on my floor from the bottom of the grill.

Luckily we were able to move things outside in the end. Jess almost went blind from the smoke, but we got there. The smoke cleared up pretty nicely too and now the only sign that we did anything that dumb is the aforementioned scorch mark on the floor.

Don't be like us, people. Drinking inside is fine, but don't be dumb enough to start a fire in a bedroom. Or indeed any room in the house.


  1. Oh jesus christ that sounds like a narrowly escaped death to me. You would've gotten a nice Darwin Award for it though, so there's that.

  2. Your intentions were good. That's what counts?

    Maybe not. As Fang said, I'm glad you avoided the Darwin Awards.

  3. But, bottom line, how was the meat?
    Ooh, let me rephrase that...

  4. OMG, Mark, there's a reason that BBQs are held OUTDOORS! Glad it all ended without major death, injury or arson.

  5. If the disposable barbecue didn't have any warnings on it that said "Do not use indoors", sue. Sue their asses off, and then brag that you were the guy who made that warning happen.

  6. Oh Mark so glad there wasn't a fire set in the house!

  7. Many people do stupid things when they are drunk because being drunk makes the stupid seem like a good idea.....but note you are not the first person I know of who has done this nor is this the stupidest thing I have heard of.............just saying


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