Monday, 31 July 2017

What's Up With the New Domain Name?

It looks like just about everyone found the new place easy enough. I've had a very long and exhausting week, and the domain name problems are just one aspect of it, but that's what I'll talk about today. 

I had the old domain name ( for quite a while. It would auto-renew for me and I would just be able to leave it running by itself. Then a few months ago I got an email from Google (who I purchased the domain name from) that my domain name would no longer auto renew because they were changing the way everything worked. Domain registration and renewal comes under the Google Admin service, which is a premium service. 

Basically Google wanted to charge me £5 a month for the privilege of charging me £10 a year my domain name. I understand that's actually still a fairly good deal - and I do know people who pay monthly for their hosting - but I disagreed with how they had taken something that used to be free and simple and turned it into a complicated premium service. 

Then it all just slipped my mind and I completely forgot about it. When I did remember it, I just pushed it to the side telling myself I would get on it later. 

As you know if you visited on Thursday and saw that the domain name expired, I did not get on it later. I did at least try to fix it though. 

Google were offering a 15-day free trial of their Admin services. So I decided to sign up in order to finally renew my domain name. Unfortunately for me I could only sign up with a new email address. I couldn't use the one I already had with them. Even worse, I couldn't sign up unless I already had (or bought) a domain name. I tried telling them that was my domain name, but they just kept telling me that the domain name was unavailable. 

I have a few days to secure the domain name for myself by renewing it, which I was trying to do

Given that I wasn't able to sign up for Google Admin with my regular email address, nor would I be able to say that the old domain name was mine, the most offensive thing about this is that I wouldn't have been able to save my old domain name even if I had paid for Google Admin before it expired. 

So I decided to just go through with the free trial and buy myself a new domain name. I'll start again with a brand new name. So I purchased the domain name Which apparently  I didn't own anyway. 

To make a long story short, I was eventually able to transfer ownership of this domain name from my new Google Admin account to my old regular email account. So I transferred a domain to myself. Google also has a Google Domains service now, so hopefully I can avoid this shit show next year if it comes up. 

PS; yes I considered just going back to a blogspot address but all the good ones were taken and I didn't want to have some retarded random blog address. 

The whole thing took several hours and was a fucking nightmare I hope to never have to go through again. 


  1. It's great you were able to figure all this out and be back up and running in no time. This stuff is stressful.

  2. I am glad everyone is finding the new page.

    I had something similar happen with one of my old ones a few years back. Four years later, I've still not received an email back regarding that situation. Which sucks, because all i wanted to do was pay. I wasn't asking for anything fancy.

    Google doesn't really have a mechanism for info or help.

  3. It's weird you weren't able to buy back the old domain with your old account. I have no idea how Google runs its domain name business though, and in general I think you're better off just going to an actual "our only business is being a" registrar.
    (Also, domain name =/= hosting. Blogger's doing the hosting for you.)

    Interesting people are actually finding their way here though. Is that all through Twitter?

  4. I've had my domain for a long time now and luckily not had and issues with renewal (so far). All my troubles have been with hosting which I've always kept separate.

  5. Yes it sounds like one big headache

  6. I wonder when this google premium stuff started. My domain name renewed as usual and I don't recall getting an e-mail about google administration being a premium service. I will have to try logging into it and see if it still works, I guess.


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