Monday, 10 July 2017

Watch Your Weight

I'm going to be honest with you folks and just say that my weight problems have spiraled completely out of control. It doesn't matter what kind of diet I try to follow, as I'm just unable to stick to it. I don't know where it happened but I've completely lost all willpower. I don't know where the part of my brain that allowed me to lose over 80 pounds is but I dare say it's dead. It probably choked to death on some food.

It's reached the point I have trouble sleeping at night because I have trouble breathing. If I lie down in a certain position it actually causes my voice to change because the fat is pressing down against my vocal chords. At least, that's what I assume is happening. I barely have any semblance of physical fitness left either. Everything to do with my weight has just tanked, except for my weight itself which continues to rise.

Every day I tell myself I will do or be better. I come up with meal plans and I have every intention of following them. Then when the time comes to eat I make excuse after excuse. I'm tired of making excuses like that and I'm tired of living like this.

Evidently though, I'm not quite tired enough to actually muster the willpower to do anything about it. There are days when it feels like I can actually feel myself dying, and there are days when it seems I'm determined to kill myself through food.

I don't even know what to do anymore. You can only help those who want to be helped, and while this is clearly a call for help I'm sure it will be forgotten about by my next meal.


  1. my skinny friend eats mostly salads and granola bars as a habit. You have to make a lifestyle change as opposed to a diet is what I understand. Also never go hungry, find things you can always eat like cucumbers that are virtually free calories. You have to seriously think about anything you are going to eat and decide if it's worth it in terms of your new habit. Take it one meal at a time. These are my 2 cents.

  2. Yeah, what Christine said. If it's about being hungry, then don't be hungry. Just fill yourself up with better stuff. Being hungry does not equal losing weight.

    If the issue is meal prep, like eating healthy is too much work, get some healthy tv dinners. I know that sounds like an oxymoron - healthy tv dinner - but a tv dinner is still going to be a hundred times healthier than a pizza or a fast food burger.

    Eating healthy isn't about grazing on salad all day long until you're miserable. It's just about doing better than you were before.

  3. Also drink lots of water. Water makes you feel full. Set aside time to walk, even when work is busy give yourself 30 minutes for a brisk stroll.

  4. I attempt lifestyle changes all the time and often feel like I'm right back where I started, so I applaud anyone who tries. I don't have any tips. I hope you keep working at it, though.

  5. Come on, buddy! Get after it. You sound like you want to change. Make a meal plan and go shopping for just those things. And throw out all the crap in your house. And pack your lunches for work. And make a work out plan, and stick to all of it. Get mad at yourself when you don't stick to the plan. Soon the plan will become so routine that you'll feel more sane when you stick to it. Exercise makes you want to eat better and eating better makes you want to exercise more. And seeing the results will be so encouraging. Get after it! You can do it!

  6. I could have written this, try as I do I cannot lose weight just have little to no willpower and people who say you don't need willpower are those who have it so has no idea what they are talking about


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