Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Nanny State Strikes Back

It's not often I get political on here, and the reason is simple; I hate discussing politics. I have my views, you have yours, and they'll probably clash. What's the point in talking about it? This post isn't entirely political though, so perhaps you'll indulge me.

It was announced recently that the UK government took a step back from fucking up Europe to get around to fucking up the internet. From April of next year, people accessing porn sites will need to "verify their identity". God only knows what that means. It's a move that the government claims - of course - is to "protect the children". Let me tell you one quick thing about politics; never trust a politician who says they do something for the kids.

These measures are almost never designed to protect children. It's also not their job to do that anyway. There are thousands of parental filters available for computers. I should know. I used them on my nieces. Microsoft itself has a nice tool that allows you to block access to certain topics/sites and even read through the browsing/search history of your kids. It's like having your own little NSA!

The government always introduces bullshit by attacking porn because they know no one will defend it. Right now you probably don't like me much because you think I'm defending porn. I'm not. I've had addictions to that stuff. I know how much it can mess you up. I'm not arguing for porn, I'm arguing against bullshit regulations that are introduced on phony grounds. If politicians were actually interested in protecting the children they would do something about child porn and all the sexual abuse. Child porn is not on legitimate porn sites. It's on the mysterious dark web. This measure will do nothing to stop child porn and, quite frankly, will likely not deter children from watching or finding access to it.

It is up to parents to parent their children. It is up to governments to stop introducing bullshit on a web of lies. Every time the government touches the internet they fuck it up massively. Just look at the Snoopers Charter of the UK and Net Neutrality in the States. The internet is fine. Stop messing with it.



  1. How the fuck can you not argue *for* porn? How can you not argue for *the* billion-dollar industry that has brought us its very fair share of technological advancements and progressivism? Sure, the industry has its faults, but I don't see people hating as much on the candy industry. I don't give a shit if it makes me look like a perverted old man, I'll fight to keep internet porn alive any day of the week.

    But yeah, internet has very much become killable tech, and it's scary. (Something something luckily Urbit.) We'll have to see how the future plays out.

  2. When I was a teenager the only access to porn was through magazines which were strictly for over 18s. Guess what? Still managed to get access to them.

  3. This sounds like a measure designed to appeal to the Conservative Party's base. So long as the base is appeased and thinks it makes a difference, the government won't give a shit whether it's actually effective or not.

  4. Stuff like this is why I am gradually becoming an anarchist.


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