Thursday, 27 July 2017

Questions And Answers From a Mystery Blogger

Today's post comes courtesy of Debra who answered some questions on her blog through the Mystery Blogger Award and invited other bloggers to do the same. So here I am to do the same.Let's begin...

1. What Author Would you Want to Write your Biography?

I would write it myself under a pen name and see if anyone notices that I did it. Like that time Michael Jackson voiced himself in the Simpsons but gave a fake name to trick his brothers. I suppose if I had to choose a real author to do it, I'd ask George R.R Martin. He'd make it sound like I got laid much more than I did, and he'd take so long to write it that I wouldn't be able to die.

2. If Your Life Were a Movie, What Would the Theme Song Be?

I Shall Not Yield by Wuthering Heights.

"Gods of life!
I meet your challenge
I shall rise from every blow you strike at me
I shall break every spell you throw at me
You will not push me that last bit of way
Over the Edge
Even if I'm only holding on by sheer spite itself
You may have woven this one's life tread
Of a fowl and poisoned string
But it shall not break
That final victory shall be denied thee...forever!"

 3. Destiny or Free Will?

This is a cop-out, but I believe the two can co-exist. I think that our lives our guided by free will for the most part, but some things are predetermined. I've been through too many things and seen too many things to not believe in fate. There are people we are destined to meet, and things we are destined to do. How we get there though? That's up to us. It's also up to us to take advantage of the opportunities that life gives us.

4. Have you Ever Read a Book that Truly Changed your Life?

Even as an avid reader I can say that there isn't a book that has really changed my life. There are books that have changed my view on reading at least. Starseeker by Tim Bowler showed me the true power of books. It was the first book I read that wasn't based in fantasy. It's about real people in the real world. It opened my eyes to a brand new world of books.

5. Who/What has had the Greatest Impact on your Life?

Outside of the obvious answer of my parents, I'd have to go with the other obvious answer of Jess; my gay trans best friend. We've always had each others backs and will no doubt continue to do so for the rest of our lives. Even her mum says we're basically just a married couple without the sex.

Which we really are.

Not sure how to feel about that.

6. If I Could Bring Any Fictional Character to Life Who Would it Be?

Batman so he could take me under his wing. I can totally be the new Robin. Totally.


  1. Glad you renewed your domain name, Mark! LOL

    Great answers! But even if you wouldn't die if GRR Martin wrote your bio cuz he's such a slow writer, aren't you afraid that everyone else in the bio would meet an untimely and grisly death when least expected? He's kinda known for that.

    Have you and Jess ever considered becoming a couple? A solid friendship is the best basis for a great relationship. Hey, I'm old enough to be your mother so I'm entitled to pry.

    1. Or by "gay trans best friend" you mean that Jess is a lesbian? Well, that could be a complicating factor, I grant you.

  2. It's heart warming to read of your endearing friendship with Jess. That is a rare thing these days.


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