Friday, 28 July 2017

More On That Domain Name Change Later

If you're reading this, then congratulations! You managed to find the blog again after I had to change the domain name. More on that on Monday. I'd write about it now but I'm tired and have to prepare for a driving lesson.

I squirt. Do you?

Someone had fun with this

This is pretty cool

Thank god I'm not a student anymore

I'd date Jesus 

Someone help those poor storm drains!

Shit like this is why I want to play DnD

I mean I have a cold, but I am still alive. Somehow. 
Have a good weekend folks. I'll be going out tomorrow with my sister and niece so I'm in for a good weekend.


  1. Found you! Happy weekend and thanks for the laughs Mark!

  2. I nearly crapped my pants when I saw your blog was gone. Good thing I am savvy to the ways of the internets.

  3. These are all great, LOL, but man, that sewer-cide one would have been perfect for my own post today on bad puns! And I stole Jesus' tinder profile. I also know someone who could use those chopstick forks.

    I'm glad you've got a new website set-up now, if only because that annoying, constant pop-up ad that was on your old one is now GONE!

  4. ""
    oh no ):

  5. You always find the funniest things. Jesus is amazing, I'd date him.

    1. I think he's on

  6. My blogger reading list/feed thing automatically updated your address, which was good. Granted it also reposted your last 20 posts in my feed, but at least it didn't lose your site.

  7. I need that last sign in my home and/or office. And I thought the sewer-cide joke was clever.

  8. Do you squirt?
    Some things need not be said. often as I can.

  9. Glad I am able to find you again, and some good signs there


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