Thursday, 13 July 2017

Home Invaders

It's not quite as impressive as the heatwave in the US that's melting mailboxes and frying eggs on the pavement, but the UK is still going through a heatwave right now. Actually the weather can't decide what it wants to be as we also get a lot of rain. People who talk about "rain or shine" are talking about this week.

All this warm weather means my dad has been leaving our back door open to keep the house cool, which has let in a few pests. It's also proving what little murder machines my cats are. In particular Moo Moo; the cute little black and white one. She's not so cute when you see her eating a bird that she's trapped and killed herself.
Look at the little serial killer
The largest pest of them all came just this morning. Somehow, some way, the dog from next door got out of their yard, in our yard, and then in our house. Where it proceeded to shit on everything. Thanks for that dog.

As much as I love all animals - and I do - I'm not a big fan of this dog. He barks and whines all day and it just gets annoying. That's not entirely his fault, as his owners could try and do something about it, but it's still annoying. Then he goes and shits in my dad's slippers and on our rugs. Not cool brah, not cool.

There is a funny side to all this though; Jess is sleeping here again to escape her own dog. She's in heat and is being a little "over-friendly". Maybe Jess just naturally attracts dogs?


  1. Sorry about the heat and unwanted visitors especially that dog!


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