Thursday, 6 July 2017

Booking it Back In

Following a somewhat successful driving lesson this past Tuesday (no one died but I did clip the curb with the wheel) I decided it was time to book in my second - and hopefully last - driving test. I intended to book it in this past Friday but spent the weekend with Jess, as discussed on Monday. So there wasn't really a whole lot of time to get things organised.

I wanted to book my test for around mid to late July. Then I saw that we were already in July. It crept up on me pretty quickly. I suppose that's what I get for putting off more lessons for a month. So instead of having a test at the end of July, I'll be having it at the start o August; about a week later than originally intended. It'll be at 1:35 on August 3rd.

It's worth noting I am a good, smooth driver. I have nothing else to learn as far as driving goes. I know what I'm doing and how to do it. Martin tells me that my gear shifts are so smooth and flawless he actually loses track of what gear I'm in. I brake efficiently, I drive efficiently, and I'm just downright awesome.

No, my problems are psychological. I get too complacent. I stop checking my mirrors. I retreat into myself and forget that I should be aware of everything happening around me too. If something goes wrong in a car, it really goes wrong. So I have about a month to smooth out that particular problem.

Really all the reasons I failed my test the first time can be traced back to not checking my mirrors. If I had just been looking in my mirrors more, I could have moved over to the right instead of having my examiner be forced to do it. If I had just checked my mirrors before breaking when those cars came out of nowhere, it would have been safer.

To put it simply; I need to be checking my mirrors all the fucking time, and I'm not. That's it. That's the one major problem I need to overcome before my test.


  1. Yes, checking your mirrors constantly is crucial to driving alright. That's what prevents accidents!

  2. *checks mirror* "Hey who's that stud? Oh, it's you, mister examiner!"


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