Friday, 9 June 2017

Well That Was Different

So the results are in and, well, we don't have a government anymore. Funny how that works. Let's just distract ourselves from the fact that we only got five hours sleep and are hoping to not die.

Was that just me? Alright then.

My cat has never shat in my shoes, which makes me worry about their quality

I can only hope to be half this cool

It would make a lot of sense if I was dead


I do this all the time

I need the world's most redundant clock

If only cats felt love

This is a great joke

Nowadays we waste our time reading about how we used to waste time

This is one cool cat
Have a good weekend folks. Apparently I owe PayPal some money. It'll be fine later on when I can get said money, but for now - and in the future - I really have to stop spending. I'm living with a cook. The fuck am I still buying food for?

God I hate myself.


  1. These early election calls have caused trouble in the past in Canada. Thanks for the laughs anyway.

  2. Good LOLs -- my faves are the redundant clock and the bong. Good luck with that minority government!


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