Thursday, 22 June 2017

This is the Last Thing I Needed

I don't know if you're aware but the UK has been going through somewhat of a heatwave lately. That heatwave decided to end last night. While I was trying to sleep. So rather than sleeping for a good six to eight hours, I slept for three sessions of two hours interspersed with an hour of sneezing. That's right folks; I have caught the dreaded Summer Cold.

It really sucks because I have a lot of work I need to get done today, and me and Jess were able to make a good start on the kitchen yesterday. I only have the energy to handle one of those tasks today, at best, and paid work is going to have to win out. I don't feel comfortable asking her if she can manage it by herself but what choice do I have? I'll just have to get her something nice in return I guess.

So it looks like I'll be stuck in bed forcing myself to work for most of the day. Which is never really a fun situation to be in. One of the worst parts about being a freelancer is that we don't get sick days. When all your projects have a timetable and you're the only one that can handle the job you have to force your way through it.

Maybe things would be easier if I was willing to deliver an order late but I enjoy having a perfect record, so screw that. The only way I'm going to deliver an order late is if I get hospitalised, and even then I'd probably just cancel it.

Well, let's see how my body holds out.


  1. The solution is simple. Plug your nose with tissues and fight on!

  2. You have a good work ethic, Mark. Summer colds are the worst! I hope it's a short-lived one.

  3. Great work ethic! Feel better soon.

  4. Oh how awful, it sucks when we feel like that, hope you are feeling better now


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