Monday, 19 June 2017

Taking a Day Off

I'm going to be taking a day off work today because I'm still worn down from a weekend spent maintaining my computer while still trying to get work done. I planned on taking the weekend off but, obviously, that was not to be. So I can take today off instead.

To be honest it's also just too hot to get anything done. The temperature today is in the high-20s. To put that into perspective I don't function well at anything around 20, much less anything around 30. So I'm also going to go out and buy a big ass fan. I have a desk one but it's not very useful. It gets blocked by all the junk on my desk and my laptop. Gonna get me a big ass rotary one and just drown in the cool air.

Knowing me I'll probably get some work done later. It doesn't matter how much I complain about work, I still get it done and I still have plenty of times I'm tempted to do it. It's very rare for me to actually take a full day off and do absolutely no work at all. It's just not something I can do.

It's kind of strange in a way I've reached the point where I need to work. I completely understand all those people who work very hard at what they do and have made their work their life. It also means that I think even less of people living on handouts and refusing to work because they can. It's a delicate balance.

Anyway, I don't really have a whole lot to talk about so I think I'll just end this here anyway. Have a great day folks. Set up a fan, sit in front of it, and let the cold air wash over you. Also don't forget your sunscreen! I need to pick up some of that too.


  1. Enjoy your day off! High 20s is nothing. It's 89 here. I feel like I'm about to melt.

    - this comment brought to you by an inept American

  2. Have you been reading the Tory press? Not many people in the grand scheme live on handouts. My wife is disabled and is constantly demonized because she doesn't look ill. On the other hand I work like a dog.

  3. I'm okay up until about 25C. At 30C, I'm a puddle. Anything higher and I want to crawl into the fridge and close the door. Enjoy your big ass rotary fan! How have you managed without one until now?

  4. It's good to have something to throw yourself into, that you sort of feel compelled to do. The alternative, over the long run, is... bad.

  5. We all need a day off, we have ceiling fans which are great but also have air con which is great when it is stinking bloody hot


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