Thursday, 29 June 2017

Rough Day, Smooth Driving

I'm in for a pretty rough day today but I'm going to avoid complaining about that, and instead let you know how my last driving lesson went.

It turns out that learning to drive is a lot like learning to ride a bike. You just don't forget. Unless you take too long of course. There was about a decade between my riding a bike and I didn't get it right away. That was a decade though, and I picked it back up pretty quickly. There was only a month between driving lessons.

Things progressed pretty smoothly. We discussed how long I should wait before taking another test (around a month), and just went around for a two hour drive to get me back into the groove. My instructor never felt the need to intervene directly but he did admit there were a few moments where he admitted he should have, or that a driving test invigilator would have. So it wasn't a perfectly smooth drive. No one got hit though, which is what I consider to be a plus.

We also talked about why I failed my test. He said that he would look over the footage of my test and let me know where things went wrong. It's tough because he doesn't have audio (legally he can only record video) but he should be able to tell enough about what happened from the footage. We'll look at what went wrong and spend the next month smoothing out my mistakes so I can pass next time.

I'm gonna keep on driving, I'm gonna keep on getting there, and I'm gonna go pass my test. Because I'm fucking awesome.


  1. They record video? That's a great way of analyzing the test.

  2. That's right, Mark. Keep at it until you've got that driver's licence in your hot little hand!


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