Monday, 5 June 2017


About a month or so ago I noticed that it was getting harder to charge my phone. At first I thought it was the charger. Now though, it's become pretty obvious it was the phone. The charger port is ruined and I'm going to have to get it replaced today.

Thankfully the thing is covered by insurance. This actually isn't the first time I've had to use my phone insurance to replace my phone. There was a time last year where I dropped my phone while running and thought the screen was broken. In my defense it was pretty heavily cracked. After going through the whole process of paying my premium to have it replaced and admitting I broke my phone just a month or two after getting it, it turned out that my screen wasn't broken at all. The screen protector was. I've never felt so stupid. Especially when they refused to refund my premium because I had "customised" the replacement phone. I'd been using it for like 2 hours. Apparently that was 2 hours to much for them.

At least this time the thing is actually broken.

It's amazing how much of a part of my life my phone has become. I've never really needed one before. I've never had friends and I never leave the house so I didn't even need one for emergency purposes.

Of  course everything changed when I went freelance. While I still use my phone a lot to play games and talk to the friends I have gained since getting it, the notifications about my emails and for work are invaluable. If I didn't have that I'd have to have the website open all day and keep checking it. It's really incredible how one device has gone from being nothing to me, to being a major part of my life.

It's probably scary too.

Well, either way, I should have a new one in a day or two.


  1. Yes, technology has a way of taking over our lives, doesn't it? Sometimes that's a help, sometimes a hindrance. Enjoy your new phone!

  2. Well, that's frustrating. I hope that the insurance pays off and you're back up and running again soon.

    I don't have a smart phone. I do know how to use a smart phone because I have an ipad, but I have put off getting a smart phone because I am an internet addict already.

  3. My daughter would be lost without her phone she does everything on it, I would also be devastated although I do a lot more on my laptop. Great that you have insurance.

  4. I keep forgetting phone insurance is a thing. But when will I be able to insure myself against damages by AI?

  5. I need my phone way more than I'd like to admit, too. And for all that I've used it, and considering it's 3 years old, I'm kind of surprised the charger port hasn't worn out on me... knock on wood.

    No insurance for me, though. I'll just fix it myself. And swear so, so much while doing it.

  6. I remember a time, not so long ago, when my phone wasn't such a huge part of my life.
    I actually had to wait until I got home to talk to someone.

  7. Remember when our phones were used to just make phone calls, not text or surf the net or take photos we do so much with our phones now days and when they pack it in it is annoying

  8. New phone day is so exciting. I do sometimes miss the ability to isolate yourself, I know you could turn it off but that is pretty impossible to do.


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