Friday, 23 June 2017

I Got That Friday Feeling

I still feel a little sick, but I have a lot of work to do to finish up by the end of the day so I can spend the weekend off with Jess doing more work around the house. She's taking care of the bathroom today, which is the smallest room in the house. Later on we're going to get drunk and watch bad Batman movies. Wish us luck!

Just kill me now

And we're all invited

I'm kinda sad I never gave - or received - one of these notes


That kid is going places

Yes please

This is brilliant

Cats are the ultimate attention whores

Neither of these things has happened to me. 

This is true evil genius
Have a great weekend folks. I wonder how well the "Bat Nipples" have aged.


  1. Ha ha, love Aisle 15, the conference call, and the cat with the googly eyes pasted on the back of its head! Have fun tonight -- what are you going to get drunk on? Bat juice?

  2. If bad 'Batman' you seek.
    Might I recommend Clooney?
    Insipid and looney
    he will make you go "EEK!"


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