Thursday, 8 June 2017

Election Day

It's kind of funny that my last post was about replacements and, in a roundabout way, this one could be too.

So, it's election day for us Brits. You would be forgiven for not knowing. It's a few years early (it was supposed to happen in 2020), and we also don't make a big deal of it. The whole process can take a few weeks, rather than the several year grandiose affair it is in the States.

Things are going to be a little interesting for us because of the recent terror attacks. On the one hand, you have Jeremy Corbyn. He's kind of pro-muslim so I doubt he'll do to well given recent events. On the other, you have Theresa May. She is our current Prime Minister and called the election in the hopes of getting a bigger majority for her party. She was hoping all the people that voted for the Brexit would vote for her. Unfortunately for her the people who voted Brexit are low-income families and she - as a Tory - is not going to be voted for by low-income families because of her hatred of them. It would be like a Republican expecting poor democrats to vote for tax increases and further fucking of the poor.

Luckily for us Brits we have plenty of solid third party candidates, which you guys in America don't really have. Last time there was an election I voted for the Green Party myself. Given how much people hate politicians right now - and how we don't have a non-politician candidate of our own - voter apathy will likely be a big thing this time too.

I'm not going to go on a rant but I'll just say that voter apathy is one of my most despised things. I get that you feel your vote has no affect, but you can't not vote and then complain about the results. Go out there and vote you apathetic bastards.

And the rest of you too. Go on. Vote.


  1. So many people don't understand the importance of voting. I'm glad to see you do!

  2. Ah yeah, I did hear about this. This, and various ways in which T. May is planning to mess up personal privacy. Looks like your major parties are two opposite ends of the spectrum, as is tradition.
    I highly doubt third parties will be able to rack in a majority vote, their track record isn't too good is it?

  3. I don't care if you go out and draw a cock and balls on your ballot paper as long as you express your democratic opinion by voting.

  4. Do you have to vote or is it like in the States something you can or chose not to do, here in Aus it is compulsory if you're 18 or over you have to vote, I bet someone is regretting calling an early election


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