Friday, 5 May 2017

It's The Weekend But I'm Still Working

Seriously. The one downside of being a freelancer is never getting to take a day off. Because every order I get has to be fulfilled within three days, I have to take a day off four days in advance.

How will we ever know what a brontosaurus tasted like?

The cat makes a good point

I would date an aircraft, particularly a heavily-armed one

Furries ruin everything. 

Time to test if your sense of humour is as dark as mine

I mean, if Jesus did it, it would be a hand job and not masturbation. So, technically...

Hell yeah!

I don't think my cat did but maybe other cats are different
This is harsh, and one of my deepest fears

At least he made it to his trial
Have a great weekend folks. I'll see y'all on Monday.


  1. Oh man, I wish I'd had that "beat it with Jesus" lol for my Wednesday post this week! So funny!

  2. The joys of having your own business!

  3. Shaving the legs of cats sounds like the most dangerous sport ever.

    Maybe I just know the wrong cats.

  4. Well, when you gotta get to court.


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