Thursday, 25 May 2017

I'm Ready

So tomorrow is a pretty big day for me. Not only is it my birthday, but it's also my driving test. I had one last lesson a few days ago and I have to say that I am remarkably confident in my ability to pass this test. For some reason, something is telling me that it's all going to go great. Realistically, as long as I don't hit someone (and as long as I always check my mirrors) there's no reason I shouldn't pass.

I suppose the only niggling doubt I have - should one exist - is my ability to read signs. I've improved but there are some circumstances - particularly roundabouts - where I sometimes get a little confused. Luckily I have plenty of time to bone up on this stuff.

Essentially I have a three hour driving lesson tomorrow, lasting from 12 - 3. The test itself isn't until half one, but we wouldn't have made it to the centre on time if we left at one, so we had to go for 12. This means I have about an hour or so to do some last minute practicing/fucking up before the test itself. I don't think I need to practice anything else so I'll just ask my instructor to throw some independent driving and roundabouts at me, just for a little last minute practice.

I'm already telling people I'm going to pass, which really isn't like me at all. I hope this supreme confidence doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.


  1. I've every confidence you'll do it, just watch out for us cyclists.

    And happy birthday...

  2. A big day indeed! I'll be thinking of you and wishing you all the luck in the world!

  3. Happy birthday! They sure do put a lot more effort into driving schools over there than in the U.S. I think my driving lessons were more like 3 minutes.

  4. First hope you have a great birthday, second hope the driving test went well and you passed


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