Thursday, 11 May 2017

Fun Times With Friends

It didn't take long at all for my recently-divorced friend to come over. She actually came over yesterday. We had to go pick her up because her dad was being a bit of a cunt, but it all came together in the end. We had a pretty fun night; just catching up, making stupid jokes, and watching junk on TV while eating junk food. Occasionally we played with a cat.

I can say that I think I needed a night of just having fun and doing weird shit as much as she did. Unfortunately she admits that she didn't actually get any sleep because she couldn't turn her brain off long enough to. Hopefully she'll sleep better tonight.

It's kind of selfish but I missed getting to spend time with her. I do feel awful about what happened but it's nice to have my best friend back. We've always had each others backs and we always will. I also wish my room was a little bigger so that it was easier to navigate with an air bed on the floor but, eh, you deal with what you have.

We had some serious and thought provoking conversations as well. It wasn't all fun and games. She's going through some shit so that kind of stuff was bound to happen too. She had some serious conversations while I was asleep too, I found out this morning.

She's in a rough place right now, but I'm sure she can pick herself back up. She's always been good at that, even if she doesn't believe it right now.


  1. I can just imagine you mumbling profound responses to her in your sleep, like some shut-eyed genius.
    Good to hear you both had a good time, it's important to have these kinds of moments.

  2. I hope her life takes a turn for the better soon! Divorce is a hard ending, but a new beginning as well.

  3. You are very supportive, she is fortunate to have a good friend like you.

  4. People go through bad times and we're fortunate indeed if we have people to support us during those times.

  5. Sometimes the bad stuff makes us stronger.


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