Friday, 12 May 2017

Better Late Than Never

Sorry about the delayed post. Things have been - understandably - hectic around here later.

No one really knew what they were doing

That is one cool raven

Welcome to the future 

He's really punching above his weight

I'd rather be on the winning side

I'm told that, sadly, not all of these work

This is disturbingly beautiful 
Yes it would

I'm this kind of friend
Down with the patriarchy!
See y'all Monday.


  1. Thanks for the laughs have a good weekend!

  2. Now I need to play mindsweeper until i beat it

  3. I'm really upset that the John Cena theme song phone line is no longer in service (yes I checked).

    Actually since I have nothing else to do.....

    The God of War epic speech still works.

    I am thrilled that the rejection hotline still works (I've given that number to a few men before...)

    KKK hotline and "I am groot" no longer in service.

    Loser Line gave me a busy signal twice, so idk.

    And huge disappointment, the Veggie tales hotline no longer in service.

  4. I genuinely do not understand what people find difficult about minesweeper. The numbers indicate the amount of mines in the eight tiles surrounding it. Right-click to flag a mine. Don't left-click mines. Easy.

  5. I always say I've never played a video game of any kind, but I can remember Minesweeper. It was about how many mines bordered on another square, right?

    I wonder how many other games I've played but forgotten.

  6. Some of these made me laugh and some made me groan out loud. I'll leave it up to you to figure out which.

  7. I loved minesweeper. Might try and find a version on the play store.


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