Monday, 17 April 2017

Putting It To The Test

Things have been so hectic around here I completely forgot to tell you guys about how I had a mock practical driving test. It was the week after I passed my (real) theory test. My instructor decided to do a mock practical to give us an idea of where I was and what I needed to do next. It went...okay, I guess?

Almost as soon as the "test" started the car stalled. I actually remarked it was a terrible way to start a test. I redeemed myself later on by getting out of the way of an ambulance perfectly, but unfortunately it wasn't enough. I got a lot of minor faults, almost all of which involved not looking in my mirrors. I have a pretty good field of vision. I've mentioned I only see out of one eye at a time. My eyes compensated for this by actually getting stronger. I have a wider field of vision than most people. Anyway, I have to make it obvious that I'm looking in my mirrors. This involves moving my head. I remarked to my instructor that I had to get into the habit of checking the mirrors with my head and not my eyes. Even though I was always checking my mirror, they were counted as minor faults because I wasn't so obvious about it.

Things also went a little downhill when the time came to do the manouvre. My instructor chose reversing left. For some reason, I performed incredibly well under test conditions. We've agreed I should always do manouvres like that from now on. Unfortunately, I picked up a serious fault doing this because there was someone walking behind the car and I didn't stop for them when I should have. I knew they were there, but I didn't know they were close enough for me to have to stop.

My instructor says he doesn't like doing mock practicals, feeling that they can discourage most learners. I'm glad that he did it with me though. Given that almost all of my minor faults involved not checking my mirrors, I feel I can pass a test as long as I get in the habit of looking with my head. It showed me what I have to work on, now we just have to work on that.

I also really need to do something about my lane discipline. That's been plaguing me for my entire driving career. That problem is related to my eyes, so it will be a little difficult to overcome, but I can do it.

I'm an excellent driver.


  1. Yeah, the mirror looking is a big one. Apparently most people just revert back to eye-glancing soon after getting their license. The most important thing about turning your head it to signal to your passengers "look I'm doing the thing".
    Getting there!

  2. Many years later, when you're blasting through traffic while texting on your smartphone, you'll laugh at the times you got dinged for not looking in the mirrors enough.

    I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Please don't ever do that. But now I'm wondering if even I would pass this thing, or if I'd get dinged for not looking at the mirrors enough. I have a wide field of view, too, so most often I can tell what's around me without having to keep obsessively checking my mirrors.

  3. It sounds like you are ready!

  4. You got some excellent feedback from the mock test that will be valuable to you on the real test!

  5. Remember you are not learning to drive you are learning to pass a test and prove to the Ministry that you are competent enough to drive on the road. You'll learn to drive much later.

  6. The week before I sat my driving test my instructor did a mock test for me to see if she thought I was ready and I was still failed on my first attempt though


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