Friday, 14 April 2017

More Friday Fun

I'm pleased to report I'm in a slightly better mood than I was yesterday. We'll see how long that lasts as I work my way through my completely-overbooked workload. I'm almost afraid to go into vacation mode to take care of it all because I'm worried doing that too much was why I had a slump in hiring in the first place. Well, that's enough rambling from me.

Oh look it's my bus

The more you know

You can't tell me what to do!

There's also the fifth option where the tiny head has a tiny hat.
I wonder if this makes it worth more or less


The true purpose of the NSA


Are people really so dumb that they need instructions like that?

This kitty looks proud of being an asshole
Have a good weekend folks, and enjoy your Easter celebrations! (If you're celebrating).


  1. Cats don't need to wear stickers announcing they're assholes. People should know that by virtue of their being a cat.

    They'd wear leather if they could,and they'd probably eat veal.

  2. Happy Easter, Mark! Love the "jam-packed" suitcase, lol!

  3. Woody Harrelson certainly was kind to the fan who thought he was Woody Allen. He must be getting mellow in his old age.

  4. Well good to have lots of work than none, thanks for the laughs!

  5. Have a good Easter. Make sure you make time to kick back.


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