Monday, 10 April 2017

I Passed

I didn't have a driving lesson last week. Instead I had my first of two tests. I think I've explained this before but in the UK you have the theory test (which is written) and then the practical test (where you drive around with an examiner). I had been putting my theory off for a long time, but it was getting to the point where I was approaching being ready for my practical. I had to pass my theory before I could book my practical. So I gave myself a month. I bought a month-long subscription to one of those fancy online programs, booked my test, and went for it. 

If you can't tell by the name of the post; I passed my test. 

I'm pretty great
The funny thing was that, the night before the test, I sat three mock tests in preparation and screwed up two of them. I wasn't all that confident heading into the real thing. As my dad said though, it seems I got my fuck ups out of the way. I ended up getting a 45/50 (42 is a pass) on the written test, acing the hazard perception test with a score of over 60. That felt great. 

They take security in those test centres pretty seriously though. I had to leave every single personal item I had in a locker, including my hoodie and my gloves. I wasn't even allowed to wear my anti-arthritis gloves. Sheesh. Then I had to turn out my pockets and roll up my sleeves before I was let into the examination room. I'm surprised that they let me wear my glasses. 

About half an hour later I walked out of the place with a piece of paper saying I had passed, and that's what matters. It felt great. Now let's get this practical passed and get me a full driving license already. 


  1. Woohoo!

    You have worked hard for this and should take the time to appreciate your accomplishment.

    So far. I realize you're only through the first half. But again, you've taken it seriously and worked hard.

  2. Way to go Mark, big congrats!!!

  3. That's great, congratulations! That's half the way there already, or more considering you're making good progress towards your practical as well. You got this!


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