Thursday, 13 April 2017

I Need to Clear My Head

Hey guys. I'd love to have something topical, witty, and fun for y'all but, to be quite honest, my brain just isn't in it today. I've had a couple of rough experiences lately and now my head is so crammed with crap I couldn't write a blog post about anything. Problem is; I've never been very good at that. Another problem is I have a driving lesson today. Normally driving is a great way to clear one's head, but I think that only applies to driving as and how you want. Lessons can be a little more stressful than that. Not very head-clearing at all.

Man I hope I wake up in a better mood tomorrow. Or something happens today to perk me up.


  1. Stay positive Mark here's to the day getting better!

  2. Hey, hugs to you, Mark! Better days soon!

  3. Just take a do-over tomorrow. We all need those sometimes!

  4. I hope your head is clearer tomorrow we all have times when our heads feel full of shit


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