Monday, 3 April 2017

Heal The World

When I was volunteering yesterday I poked through the CD and DVD section, which is hardly a rare thing for me to do. We get some really great stuff in at times. There was a Beatles shirt that I was interested in but it sold by the time I decided to buy it. Instead I settled on buying a bunch of CDs, a few DVDs, and even two books.

One of the CDs I got was a Michael Jackson greatest hits album. I do enjoy the music of Michael Jackson, but he's one of those artists where I only enjoy about half of what he put out. So a greatest hits is fine by me, and likely to have all the songs I do like without any of the songs I don't. That was the case here. The last song on the album was Heal the World; which was actually one of the first Michael Jackson songs I ever heard. It, along with Earth Song, are actually two of my favourite songs by the guy. I think they both have incredible messages that perhaps we should be listening to. I don't know if Jackson was ahead of his time, or if the world is still shit, but the message of the song is still just as important today as it was back then. Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me, and the entire human race. There are people dying, if you care enough about the living.

The world has never needed healing more.


  1. C...D? What is that? Isn't that like some kind of drink coaster?

    Kidding aside, this world is pretty broken. It's disheartening. We definitely need some healing.

  2. I find that I generally do not like all songs by any artist that is just the thing, don't own many cd's any more in the car my music is on a flash drive


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