Friday, 21 April 2017

A Day of Rest

I decided to take a little time off work after all. Of course, I have to finish up the work I already have first. So I won't actually get any time off until Sunday or Monday. Which will hardly count as days off; I volunteer Sunday and I have a driving lesson Monday.

I think this is the plot of the Ghostbusters porn parody

I don't think this ship is going to fly very well

There are some days where you just feel like this

How long have the media and the royal family been lying to us?

Something tells me weed was involved in the creation of this cake
Yeah cos it's not like we can just run out of coal

In case you can't read it, it says "Jesus is my co-pilot and we're cruising for pussy" I wonder how much of a wingman Jesus is


My first response when I saw this was "Of course there is"
Have a good weekend folks. See y'all on Monday.


  1. They start them on the metal thing early in Finland. It makes sense.

  2. Enjoy the time off and thx for the laughs!

  3. Did the quadruple amputee really say that? I must find a video of it.

  4. What else would a guy want prosthetic arms for, lol?

  5. Before I even read your caption on the last pic, I thought "of course there is."

    I feel like I might enjoy living somewhere like Finland.


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