Friday, 10 March 2017

Rough Day Ahead

Thanks to having a driving lesson and several other things I had to get done yesterday, I was up until about 1AM doing my work. It was probably closer to 2 when I finished. I'm in for a day that's just as busy today, but thankfully there's no driving lesson. So I shouldn't be working that late, even if I am working late. 

I'm a catcaller. 

The ultimate speed race. This should be an Olympic event. 

He's Canadian so I have faith in his funking abilities

This is a solid business plan

This is how you get me to watch the weather 
It'll only work on women in skirts but it'll still be a fun investment 

The only flaw in this plan is having to watch that God awful movie

Some people say silence is golden. YouTube says silence is copyrighted. 

Now THIS is a prank

"9/10 bishops agree sex abuse is awesome"
Have a great weekend folks. I'll see you on the other side. Assuming I survive today. 


  1. John Cage's estate has sued multiple times over that silent piece.

  2. That John Cage thing blows my mind. I wonder if anyone challenged the copyright how a judge or jury would even go about deciding it.

  3. thanks for the laughs! Happy weekend.

  4. These are all hilarious! And may I just say that Canadians are the best funkers in the world.


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