Friday, 24 March 2017

It's Time for Some Fun

I think the only time I stopped working yesterday was when I was out with Paul. Jesus wept that was a long day.

Man I want one of these dogs.  
I love a good pun

I'd play around with the name of my wifi but I'd just confuse my dad and brother

"Turbo Anal ISIS" sounds pretty damn bad

Florida Man is truly my favourite superhero. 

Everyone knows you can't see John Cena

How do you know you aren't immune to fire if you've never tried?

I'd like to try this, just to see what kind of "relief" you can get from gum

You could be having sex right now

I've also noticed an increase in how much I sneeze, but no dandy lions. 
I'm in for a buttload of work today too. S'all good though. That just means more money for me. Which is always great. Have a good weekend folks!


  1. Thanks for the laughs, happy weekend Mark!

  2. Wow looks like the cops wanted to be understanding with the guy who killed his imaginary friend. Even did a mug shot and everything. That is your tax dollars hard at work, folks.

  3. Love the Dandy Lions and the anti-masturbatory gum, lol!

  4. Poor Florida Man. He gets a lot of press.


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