Thursday, 2 March 2017

It's No Wonder People Hate Bikers

So I had a driving lesson on Tuesday and, rather than tell you how it went (good; nothing died) I thought I would share two stories that Martin told me as we were driving around. I don't know if it's as much of a stereotype in other countries, but over here bikers (motorcycle riders, not people on push bikes) are regarded as being a bit wanker-ish with no regards for anyone but themselves. Somehow this subject came up during the lesson. Martin himself is a biker, so he was keen to defend them, but admitted he had encountered a few dumbass bikers himself.

The first story is probably the most dangerous. He was giving his niece a driving lesson (must be nice to be related to a driving instructor) and they were going around 60 down a dual carriageway. Keep in mind that 60MPH is the speed limit there. The first thing that happens is that a biker speeds past him, clearly going well above the speed limit. Then stupidity struck as a second biker raced past him, doing a wheelie, with his knee on the seat. So he's going to be doing about 70-80MPH, on one wheel, with his knee on the seat.
It's a miracle that the guy escaped with his head intact. The other story was more about bikers being selfish pricks than dangerous idiots. If you've ever waited in a car at traffic lights/pedestrian crossings/crossing points/whatever the hell you want to call them, then you know bikers will often ride up to the front and sit next to the lead car. This is dangerous as it is, but it's understandable.

As we were waiting at a crossing Martin told me about one time he used that particular crossing, and saw a biker mount the pavement and drive around the crossing to avoid the red light. That's right folks; this asshat literally drove around a red light on the pavement. He recorded it on his dashcam but sadly there was no time to re-watch the footage.

I'm sure that the majority of bikers are good, decent folks like Martin but man, with some of the stupid bikers to be found, it really is no wonder people hate them.


  1. It's also personally dangerous, motor bike riding is.

  2. I've seen some really dumb things by motorcyclists here.

    A colleague once bemoaned the fact that we all have to wear seatbelts, but people on motorcycles do not. I explained it's because there was a universal agreement that if a situation arose on a motorcycle in which a seatbelt was needed, the rider is going to die.

    It's like smoking: It's sort of a death wish.

  3. What about the cool-factor though? Did Martin tell any stories about the biker cool-factor? Sure he must've seen a lot of cool bikers in his time.
    ...Bikes are weird. They're objectively worse than cars in the larger amount of ways, yet they still seem so fun to drive around on.

  4. You couldn't pay me enough to get on a motorcycle. Death traps.

  5. There are stereotypes about bikers in America as well. If you have ever seen the scene in the movie "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" where Pee Wee is in a bar filled with bikers being rowdy and he exclaims, "Shhhh!! I'm trying to use the phone!" I don't know if those are the type of bikers you guys have though.


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