Friday, 31 March 2017

Is It Friday Already?

Man what a long week this has been.

I need this dog. It's everything I want in a dog. 

My last words

Life gives you more than you think

It's also the most MURRICAN pickup line ever, what with all the red, white, and blue

If I had a tiny turtle this is what I'd do.

Somewhere Schrodinger is having an Aneurysm. 

I can actually see Pornhub doing this

This is a majestic couch

This is just smart advertising

Look at this poor dog and ask yourself if the high is worth it.
Have a great weekend folks. I'll see y'all Monday.


  1. OMG, that Colonel Saunders couch -- NOOOOOOOO!

  2. Love that 'cheesiest' pickup line ahaha

  3. I can relate with the life one.

    I haven't done much with the gifts I was given.

  4. Not Friday here but Sunday, just saying, it is Sunday morning


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