Thursday, 16 March 2017

Doggy Days

I've mentioned a few times before about how my boss Paul - who is probably my closest friend as well - has a Jug. That's a Jack Russel/Pug combination. His partner originally wanted a pug, but both of them were able to accept the inbreeding that goes into pugs and how it can damage their health. Most pugs have trouble breathing because of how tightly pressed their snouts are. Luckily for Derrick (that's the jug in question) he has the face of a jack russel and has no problem breathing.
Damn he cute. 
Every time Paul has a day off (once or twice a week) I head over to his house and we take Derrick out for a walk down to the park. If there aren't many other dogs around then we'll let him off. It was great during the autumn because he loved to run through leaves and would jump in piles that were bigger than he was. The reason we have to be careful about letting him off the lead is because he doesn't always respond properly when you call his name and he can be very boisterous. If there's a dog around him, you can bet your ass he's going to jump on it and try and play with it. Which is just what he did this past Tuesday.

We let him off the lead in the park and suddenly this black dog about the size of Derrick came bounding up to him. She was about the same age as Derrick and they chased each other around and had play fights for a good half hour to an hour while me and Paul chatted to her owner. It was fun watching Derrick get chased around and seeing him behave so well with another dog. He still needs to learn to respond to his name before we can let him off all the time, but for now we know he can behave himself. For the most part.
This is Derrick and the black dog; Molly. 
In case you can't tell from the photo there (which was sadly the only photo I took of the pair that I saved) Derrick has his nose about halfway up Molly's butt. He got a little too...friendly. They were play fighting for a good while, keeping it all platonic and having fun, but then Derrick started sniffing her crotch and we knew it was a matter of time before we had to separate them.

Then he started trying to hump her.

Play time was definitely over after that. So we put his lead back on him and headed home. When we got back to Paul's house he just flopped down on the floor and napped, all tuckered out. It was pretty darn cute overall, outside of the sexual harassment anyway.

This is Derrick with another nice dog he met a few days ago. 


  1. All I can say is: "dogs will be dogs."

  2. It's good you're regularly bringing him to the park though. He needs to learn what dog socializing is all about, and crossing a few lines just makes him aware of them.
    He's a good boy. (:

  3. I'm not a dog person. Cats are my animal of choice.

  4. I have had a few dogs in my life but not any more one of beloved dogs Dot Dot was not a sociable dog couldn't take her anywhere


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