Monday, 13 March 2017

Booking It

It's become increasingly apparent that I really need to pass my theory test already. I can't do the practical driving test and actually get my license until I do. There have been a few problems with getting this test passed, but I think the most glaring of all has been not booking it. If you don't have a test date in mind, then you won't be compelled to really study for it. It's like telling a class "hey guys, you have a test that you'll take when you feel up to it. No rush". Those kids are never going to take that test. It was the same for me.

If only I had a teacher like Cartman
So I just went for it and booked the test. I'll be taking it a month from now, on the 6th of April. Having this set date in mind has made it much easier to convince myself to sit some mock tests and do some boning up. Actually, in the last mock test I did, I passed the hazard perception (my weakness) and failed the theory test (my strength). The annoying thing is I failed by just one point. But it felt good to pass the hazard perception part and know that I am improving.

With a little more work I'll be more than ready to pass the test in April, and pass the main test before my birthday in May.


  1. Good luck!!! You can do it. You make a good point about setting a deadline.

  2. I agree with your approach. Deadlines help focus, in my experience.

    You'll be fully licensed before your birthday!

  3. Hell yeah you need to get off you ass and book the damn test

  4. Cheers and good luck! Like you, I need to just set things in stone, otherwise I'll never do them. So use that extra study time (heh, you said boning up) to your advantage and no doubt you'll ace it.

  5. I tend to put things like tests off as long as possible. You have more motivation than me.


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