Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Right Support

I think I've been working too much lately. I can tell because my arms, and in particular my wrists, have started to ache. I already wear gloves when I write that are designed to prevent that kind of thing and they do a wonderful job. I can tell the difference when I type without them. But I guess I've been pushing them beyond their limits as well. So I decided to invest in wrist supports.

I have two different kinds because these are actually really expensive and I was lucky enough to get my dad to pay for the other one for me. After failing to put them on properly a number of times I finally grasped the secret and now they both fit snugly. It's another case of "I can really notice the difference". Typing doesn't bother me as much when I wear them., and it feels pretty good.

Even so, I should really take some time off work to rest and recover. I hate doing that though, because I hate not earning any money. Plus, in my line of work, you never know if the work will still be waiting for you when you come back. My boss at Barnardo's is currently enjoying one week off, and suggested I do the same, but I could never do that.

Heck, I was still working even while away on holiday last year.

I won't take a week off, but I think it's long past due I took a few days off. I'm going to book myself to have until next Tuesday off, and try and finish up whatever work I have left by Saturday so I get two days off. I'd try to finish by the end of tomorrow and enjoy a weekend off, but I don't think that's possible right now.

The weekends continue to be meaningless for me! Huzzah!

I also have a driving lesson later. Here's hoping my streak of not hitting things continues.


  1. Giving your mind and body a break is better than it seems, and you might want to give it some real thought.

    I push myself sometimes, but I notice the difference when I use some sense and stay off a leg that hurts or don't use an elbow I've pushed too far.

    Just for a couple days. I mean, I'm not that old or infirm.

    If nothing else, you might come back to your work more refreshed.

    Good luck!

  2. Yes, you have to rest those wrists.

  3. Just as rest is a major part of exercise it is also important for mental health. Having a break can actually make you work better.

  4. The wrists are very important to single men?

  5. Sounds like some variant of RSI to me. I actually saw an esports player with a brace similar to your recently. Please do get yourself plenty of rest though, getting back is hard and falling back in will be easy, so don't push this into "oh god I physically can't work" territory.


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