Thursday, 23 February 2017

Now I Have Too Much to Do

As is often the case when I find myself thinking I don't have enough to do, I woke up on Tuesday morning with frankly too much to do. I seem to have unspoken agreement with the universe that, should I ever feel worried about how much work I have, I need only mention this fear to someone to be overbooked. Which is exactly what happened. I went out of "Vacation Mode" (which means I can accept work again) on Monday night before going to sleep. The idea was that I would wake up to a few jobs I could handle in my fever-addled state. I had a few jobs before I was even asleep, and I was almost fully booked by the time I woke up.

I really need to stop worrying that going on "vacation" will mean the work isn't waiting for me when I get back. All the evidence seems to suggest that it's all there waiting for me. It's fine to take a day or two off if I need to. I'm sure I won't listen though, and will continue to be afraid that the work will dry up.

I was at least able to get some things done in my room during the past few days. I cleaned up a good chunk of it for a start. I even found something I thought was completely lost. It wasn't the thing I was looking for but, in my experience, you rarely ever find what it is you're actually looking for. I'm sure it'll turn up when I've given up all hope that it will.

I also finally re-hanged the mirror on my wall. It's a landscape mirror on two hooks, and one of the hooks fell off. I finally got tired of a mirror that was hanging diagonally and attached the other hook, so now I have a mirror once again. I also replaced the mattress on my bed. We had one downstairs that was a good fit, so I had to lug one mattress downstars, and one mattress upstairs, but it was worth it. This new one is springy and much thicker than the old one. Best of all, it doesn't have any springs sticking out of it that jab me in the night. I slept pretty well last night, and will hopefully continue to do so.

I have a doctors appointment today, so that should give me a short break from work. If only I wasn't still slightly stick and would need to walk through the wet and the cold to get there. I'm not even going for my physical sickness (I'm picking up my latest prescription of anti-depressants) but by the time I get there, who knows? Knowing my luck I'll have pneumonia or some shit.

I hope my dad can drive me instead. That'd be great.


  1. I always feel better when I clean up my space. In fact, I feel a satisfaction out of all proportion to what it is I've done.

    I hope you take breaks more often!

  2. Especially on sites that manage it for you, reputation sticks around for a *long* time. Nobody cares much for what you do/did, as long as you're available for the good work your profile highlights.

  3. Sounds like you're right back into the swing of things again!

  4. It's good to be popular. Seems like you have really made it when you can go on vacation and your clients are waiting for you to get back.

  5. Good to be appreciated and technically needed!

  6. You need to take regular breaks and I think you've proven that you can without losing out on work.

  7. Sounds normal nothing to do to run of your bloody feet with so much to do and being unwell makes it all the more an uphill battle


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