Friday, 24 February 2017

It's The Weekend

Well we all made it through another week, somehow. As for me, I'll be trying to do a good chunk of work so that I can have tomorrow off. I'm thinking about putting in some extra hours at Barnardos and spending some time with Paul. The way my work schedule has worked out says that such a feat is possible, if I work a little harder today.

As a retail expert, I can tell you this is masterful. 

I never really thought about how everyone would sit on the computers 

I need a baby crow 

This is actually remarkably depressing. 

I wish I could stitch. 

Shower beer is best beer  
Judgmental Shiba is Judging You

How I plan to propose 

Schrodinger is in trouble now

I like to think this store has every book. 
No matter what you do this weekend, make it a good one. Until Monday!


  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one bringing beer into the shower.

  2. So funny, the stabbing something 3000 times...I can relate to that one these days!


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