Thursday, 2 February 2017

I Prefer The Original

This is a post that could quickly get away from me, so I apologise in advance about any rambling I may or may not do.

When people ask me if I prefer books or movies, the answer is always books. It's not that I think movies aren't very good. There are some excellent movie adaptations. It's just that I prefer the original version of things. Things get lost when a book becomes a movie. Sometimes entire characters are lost. For me, that's just not good enough.

The same thing applies to everything I do really. I don't like it when people wear a lot of make-up and I've never been a fan of dyed hair. It can look nice, sure, but it's just not the same. Perhaps it's just the embodiment of my utter disdain for change? Who knows.

When I watch anime (as I am want to do) I have to watch the original Japanese versions. I can't stand dubbed anime because so much of the content is lost. 4Kids - the people who dubbed Pokémon - cut out entire episodes. I actually can't go back and watch the original episodes of Pokémon anymore because they changed so much and, for whatever reason, it was never fansubbed. That's how petty/insane I am. I love Pokémon. I want to be able to watch it. But thinking of how butchered the English versions are just leaves me unable to. It's weird, but that's kind of who I am. I've actually seen so much subbed anime I can recognise Japanese voice actors, much like most people recognise the voice of Tara Strong; who's been in just about everything ever.

There are very few exceptions to this for me. The main one is Lord of the Rings. I enjoy the movies, but I've never been able to get through the books. They're just too long. Dracula too. The movie was Gary Oldman was fantastic. The book? I just can't get through it.

For the most part though I have, and always will, prefer the original versions. It's why I never watched a Harry Potter movie after the fourth one. They're great and all; but I don't understand why Rowling let them change her books so much. If there was ever an Immortal Space movie it would probably be 10 hours long or something.

These were just thoughts I've had circling around my head for a while now. It's times like this I'm glad I have a blog. It gives me an outlet.


  1. You apologized for possible rambling when the word "rambling" is actually in the title to your blog?

    I think we assume the risk of rambling as soon as we scroll past your title.

  2. Here's to blogs! I only dye my hair as I prefer to cover all the grey hair unfortunately!


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