Monday, 20 February 2017

I Have Nothing To Do

At the behest of practically everyone who knows my situation I decided to take a few days off work. It turns out I had so much work left to do though, that I only finished up this past Saturday. I don't know if I can really count yesterday as a day off given that I still volunteered, but for today at least I will be taking it easy.

This is going to drive me insane.

Long gone are the days where I could do nothing but play video games for 12 hours and not feel lazy or like I've wasted my time. Work has become a part of my life. Paul actually wanted me to take a week off, but that's just impossible. I didn't even take a week off when I literally went on holiday.

So today I'm going to have to think of other things to do. I think I might clean my room up a bit and search for some lost things.  I'm going to have a bath too, which is sorely overdue. First though, I'm going to go out for a walk in the murky, British weather. Paul was off all last week so it'll be weird to go on a walk without my big gay friend and his little gay dog.

I'll find some other ways to keep myself amused. I'm sure that I'll manage to stave off insanity for one more day and, by the time I wake up tomorrow ready for work, I'll feel exactly the same because one day isn't enough. If anything, I might feel worse because I also feel sick. Which is fun.

See you on the other side folks.


  1. Just doing nothing is restful for our brains and spirits. Don't slip into workaholism. It's no better for you than any other kind of -aholism!

  2. I am happy to hear that you took some time off, even if perhaps you didn't know how to use it, haha.

    I can generally only last about a day without work or writing. Any longer than that and, as Debra She Who Seeks warns of above, drinking alone starts to look like a reasonable use of my time.

  3. I find this funny having nothing to do, I would love to have nothing to do while at home, for me there is always something to do, usually too much to do so much that I don't have time to sit and do nothing

  4. As someone who works way too much for his own good, enjoy the nothingness. It's more necessary than you could imagine, and actually makes you MORE productive when you do get back to your proper workaholism. So enjoy it!


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