Friday, 17 February 2017

I Didn't Drive

I guess something important came up yesterday because I didn't have my driving lesson after all. My next one isn't until the end of the month either. On the one hand, I'll save money, but on the other, it sucks to go that long without driving.

See you in Hell folks!

I would do this for my cats. 

I kinda feel bad for the guy who did this

I also feel bad for Deadpool's daughter

They know what they did

It really doesn't get much scummier than that

I love redneck engineers

I mean, like 80% of the pictures on my phone are of my cats

Even plants know eating meat is the way!

I'm told this was a prank, but I'm sure it will be the future soon enough
Have a good weekend folks. I hear it's some kind of weekend holiday in America.


  1. These were good.

    The only impending holiday US holiday I can think of is Presidents Day, which is Monday, and which lately has felt like more of a threat than a holiday.

  2. will have to share that 'katie' one with my son lol

  3. That "seeing eye person" gig might take care of the unemployment problem many modern countries are having.

  4. Ha ha, Jesus 'n Noah slash fanfics! Yay!


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