Monday, 6 February 2017

Back to Studying

Oh look a post about learning to drive that isn't about a specific lesson I had.

I mentioned in my last driving lesson post that I really need to hurry up and pass the theory test. I don't know how much of a thing this is elsewhere (my American friend seemed to have no idea it existed) but it's basically a written test you have to take before you can take the practical test with an examiner and get your full license. It's divided into two sections; the theory test and hazard perception.

During the hazard perception test you are shown 14 clips of a car driving. Each clip contains a hazard; something that forces the car to slow down. You have to click your mouse whenever you see the hazard developing and, as you can see from the image above, you score points based on how well you can spot the hazard.

I've pretty much got the theory test itself down. I miss a few questions here and there but, more often than not, I pass the mock test. I really suck at hazard perception though. Part of the problem is that, for whatever reason, my new computer wasn't compatible with the software. I believe it's caused by the display ratio as some things don't display properly unless I run them at a smaller resolution.

The good news is I still have my old laptop. I just let my brother borrow it. So yesterday I borrowed it back, fired up the theory test software, and gave it a go. As I expected; I passed the theory test portion and failed the hazard perception test portion.

I'm sure a little practice will make perfect though. There was a time I was always failing the theory test. Now I almost always pass it.


  1. in our area you have to pass the written (G1) test before you move on to the actual driving lessons. Then there is a graduated licensing process where new G2 licensed drivers wait for 12 months before taking another final G test which includes highway driving.

  2. That theory test is very different from our old ones!

  3. Here you have to pass a written test before you get your learners permit and the driving test is just that a driving test but when you want to go from your red P's to your green P's you have to do another written test and another one again to go from your green P's to your full licence, by written I mean it is a computer test.

  4. Yep, I had to take a written test, but that was years ago, and I didn't get the opportunity to take it on a computer. It's interesting that it's so visual. Ours would just ask questions and portray certain scenarios, then ask how you should respond.

    Also, that picture's all wrong, because you actually get 10 points for hitting the cyclist.


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