Thursday, 26 January 2017

What a Busy Day

Full disclosure; I'm writing this post in advance. Given how busy I'll be today (Thursday) I kind of have to. I'm not going to get much rest today. Things are going to start out with taking Moo Moo to the vets for a half 12 appointment. She's been over-grooming again and I got really worried when I looked at her leg and saw that most of the fur on her leg was missing. Hopefully they can do something about that without thinking that I'm abusing her or something. 

After I get the cat back home I'll have a short rest and get to eat a bit of breakfast before heading out for my driving lesson at 2PM, which will last until 4PM. Assuming I survive this I'll then be heading out for a walk with Paul and Derrick (his Jug (Jack Russel x Pug)) and I'll probably be with Paul until about 6 or 7. Then I'll get home at last and cry because I have work to do. 
Derrick the Jug
I actually have so much work to do tomorrow that I was up until late into the night last night (Wednesday) trying to get it all done. I got everything due by tonight done, but I'll still have a few things to get done when I get home. 

Assuming I survive all of this I'll be going to a wrestling show on Friday with my niece again. That should be fun at least. It was wicked fun last time. She got chased around the ring by a clown. Fucking hilarious. 


I probably shouldn't laugh so much at her misfortune but damn, it was funny. 

This is the clown before he scared my niece. 


  1. You're taking her to the vet, if you were abusing her you wouldn't even bother.
    Let that feeling of busyness power you up and plow on through these exciting times!

  2. Sounds like the New Year is off to a good start!


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