Friday, 27 January 2017

That Did Not Go As Planned

So yesterday didn't exactly go as planned. I couldn't go out with Paul after all because he was sick. I did survive my driving lesson at least. More on that later. I also couldn't get as much work done as I wanted because I got sick myself. Then my dad broke the downstairs electric. He rigged up extension leads to keep the internet going though. S'all good. Given that my only plans for today are working, bathing, and wrestling with the niece, I think it'll be surprising if they get fucked up somehow.

Unless it's an automatic door and it breaks. Then you're screwed.

Punctuation is important when writing in foreign languages.

Why is this so funny?

It's true folks; there are people in Asian countries with random English shirts and tattoos.

You know you're drunk when you forget being picked up

This is how I'm going to die

$1 gets you NOTHING!

I don't even hate Trump but this is pretty funny

Cats are truly evil geniuses (by the way mine is okay. she got some steroids)

I need to find and follow this Twitter account.
Have a good weekend folks. See you on Monday.


  1. Thanks for the laughs! Always expect that plans can change, that's how it is, annoying as it can be.

  2. You know, I bet the Pope DOES have 47 assholes. That's just crazy enough to be true. #AlternativeFacts

  3. That dude was actually walking around with a shirt announcing he was high on drugs and had no idea? Hahahahaha!


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