Friday, 13 January 2017

It Snowed A Very Small Amount

For some reason there hasn't been much snow here in England this winter. It's a shame because I love that white stuff. Maybe it's not so bad though; I mean, I am taking driving lessons. So it wouldn't be too good for me if it snowed all day every day. Still; I got a smattering at least.

I have a rocking horse and I have a cat. I should try this. 

I need a twin 
This is a brilliant practical joke

And this is a brilliant bit of British humour. I have no idea if the Chuckle Brothers are well-known outside of the UK

There are some messed up relationships out there

I bet that girl got a lot of potatoes 

I watched The Matrix recently. He really is. 

I like pineapple on pizza but I could never tolerate this

That poor toilet seat

Technically accurate!
Have a great weekend folks.


  1. Thanks for the laughs! A little snow is ok, just sometimes.

  2. Gawd yeah, I HATE seeing someone pour ketchup on mac 'n cheese. YUCK!

  3. The twin one is true. I am a few minutes older than my twin sister and when she says something dumb, I always say that she'll understand things better when she's older.

  4. I wasn't sure the Chuckle Brothers were famous outside Rotherham.

  5. I'm calling my toilet seat every name in the book in a minute. That's great fun.


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  7. Very little over here in Ireland too!


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