Monday, 23 January 2017

I Made a Mistake

My last driving lesson was Thursday, which is why there wasn't an update about it until now. The same thing is going to happen this week too. The lesson went quite smoothly, except for one big mistake that I'll get into. Don't worry though; no one died and I've continued my streak of not hitting anyone or any thing.

The lesson started out easy enough. I took Martin to where the cross roads were in my town and he agreed they were a great area for learning. Sadly it was when the nearby school was throwing out the kids so we couldn't stay too long. So after two run-throughs we went to our regular spot for practicing.

The drive was, as always, smooth. I've become a fine driver. I'm adjusting well to driving at speeds of up to 60MPH and I don't get as flustered by the cars around me. Then came the mistake, which happened as we went down a street filled with zebra crossings.

Martin knows this one road that's basically a shopping district and there's about five zebra crossings down this one stretch of road. It's perfect for practicing this annoyance. And I guess I could use a little more practice because I didn't stop for one in time. As we continued on the person Martin told me to stop for did cross the road, so I really should have stopped.

Martin proceeded to spend the next 15-20 minutes lecturing me about how I could have killed someone and how, despite my ignorance, I should give way to people who look like they might be about to cross. I have to slow down when approaching a zebra crossing and be prepared to stop for anyone near the crossing.

He was tough but fair about it. I was kind of quiet for the rest of the lesson, which is what happens when I get depressed, but I didn't let my driving suffer for it. I suppose this is a sign that I've come along mentally too. The last time I really fucked up in a driving lesson (about five years ago I think) I had a nervous breakdown and spent about 10 minutes crying int he car before we ended the lesson early.

I was able to continue driving, I was able to complete the lesson, and I still look forward to my next one.

Other than how much they cost me of course.


  1. That sounds like good progress on the never unimportant field of keeping it cool in the car. When will your lessons introduce road rage?
    There's a couple places in my town that have given me a healthy fear of cars, I hope I can carry that over into my driver's perspective.

  2. I still remember some of the screw-ups I made in driving lessons.

    Oddly enough, i don't remember most of the screw-ups I've had since then, but the driving lesson ones really stick.

  3. Meanwhile, here in America, I usually look both ways and sprint when crossing one of those zebra crossings, because people just. Do not. Fucking. Stop.


  4. It's always valuable to learn the right way to do things.

  5. I wanna live somewhere with zebra crossing the road. All i have where i live is dumbasses crossing the road.


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