Monday, 30 January 2017

Best. Lesson. Ever.

So my last driving lesson was Thursday. It started a little late because of traffic and poor planning but it ended up being one of my best lessons to date. I don't know what it was about it but for some reason everything just "clicked". Everything I did felt right and I felt really confident about it all. I made a few mistakes but I didn't let them hold me back. I just kept going at my own pace, and did a damn fine job.

We actually ended up where we were last time when I did a three-point-turn in five turns. We got there because I practiced parallel parking. The parallel parking went much better than the first time I tried it, which was already leaving me feeling pretty good. Then the owner of the car I parked behind came and moved her car in three turns. I took it as a challenge to also beat my old record and do it in three turns.

Needless to say I accomplished the feat; impressing both myself and Martin. I even performed better than the woman because she did it by cheating. She crossed her arms when she turned the wheel, but I didn't do that. So take that random lady!

We also practiced emergency braking again. I even did that better. I was still a little sharp on the brakes but the stop was much smoother. I even took the car into sixth gear at one point. That was a thrill.

Like I said, there was just something about being behind the wheel last week. I just felt confident. Like I could do it. I rarely go into things really believing I can do them like that. I made some mistakes (including stalling the car so much that the automatic turn-on turned itself off) but I'm not going to focus on that. I'm going to focus on what I did right; and damn did I do a lot of things right.

My next lesson isn't until next week because I wasn't able to book it right away like I usually do. I was waiting for some money to clear. By the time it did Martin was fully booked for this week. Let's hope I can keep this confidence moving forward.

I also really need to pass my theory test already. I'm running out of things to do in my lessons.


  1. I never understood what the deal with "don't cross the arms" is. It takes away some flexibility and ups reaction time a tiny bit, but you're not going to be making arm-crossing turns at high speeds anyway.

  2. Yay, you! When I learned to drive, no one made a big deal out of crossing your arms. Do they do so now because of the air bag in the steering wheel? Crossed arms would be injured if it goes off, is that the reasoning?

  3. great news Mark, keep up the great driving!

  4. Learning to drive can be so hard for some people, some are naturals at it, like my youngest she took to it like a fish my oldest not so much she scared me stupid when she first started to learn to drive

  5. You don't have a jetpack? That's how i get arounde.

  6. Awesome news all around! I had no idea crossing arms was cheating. Not that I do that anyhow. Also, in 16 years of driving I never once have gone into 6th gear (...I have a 5 speed).


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