Monday, 16 January 2017

A Blast From the Past

As any of my friends would tell you I'm a dork. I'm a massive dork. I also can't be trusted with money because I will spend it on inane and stupid shit, which is sort of what I did over the weekend. I was traipsing through the market on my Saturday walk when I noticed something peering out at me from one of the glass cabinets in the game stall. That's where the guy keeps all his good stuff. Boy, was this something good.
It's a copy of the original Mario Bros game for the NES. I bought a thirty year old game I'll probably never get the chance to play (a NES is around £150...but I'd buy it if I could) because I wanted it. See, I really have been playing games since I was about three years old. That game right there is one of the first games I ever played. It's a major part of my childhood and I just had to have it. I know I can play it online whenever I want (or download an emulator) but I just really wanted to be able to hold it. The sense of possession is something that's sorely missing from the digital world in which we live. I need a physical copy of something to really feel like I own it.

That's not the only really old game I bought just to own it this weekend. There was one more I got from Barnardos.
It's Michael Jackson's Moonwalker for the SEGA Master System. The store actually has a Master System in right now but it's a little outside of my price range. It's only £50, cheap compared to the NES, but I need that £50 for driving lessons and other shit. So I can't have it. However this game is another big part of my childhood. I remember deeply enjoying this game when I was younger.

Man how I wish I'd never lost a single game growing up. I could save a lot of money.


  1. Yeah, nostalgia doesn't come cheap, does it?

  2. The video game companies make a lot of money for sure. But I can't blame you, it is a passion for you.

  3. "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker"? What is that, Moonwalking Simulator 1986? What can that possibly even be about, aside from cash-grabbing?

    1. It's a side scrolling fighter game where Michael uses his sick dance moves to beat up the bad guys. If you find Bubbles the monkey, then he'll turn you into a robot that shoots lasers, and no I'm not even kidding. I loved that game as a kid.

      (Great find, Mark!)

  4. Nothing wrong ith being a dork
    Ive been one for 54 years

  5. It's the most fun you can have eating mushrooms in a sewer.

  6. Nostalgia is tough to compete with. My wife bought me a retro after market system that plays NES and SNES games. I have had some good times these past few weeks.

  7. It's kind of neat how some old games can bring so much happiness even if you never get a chance to play them... but here's hoping you do.


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